Marital Affairs are OK. Really.

Marital affairs, sometimes called illicit encounters are more common than ever these days. Some people believe it's because of more liberal attitudes to sex (such as "open relationships"), others are of the opinion that it's because women are increasingly empowered and more independent than they have ever been. Whatever the reasons for more affairs, these is an increasing rise and their appears to be less stigma attached to married dating nowadays.

Is a Marital Affair the Ultimate High?

A marital affair creates a sense of excitement that can be very intense and some people become quite addicted to the high (the buzz). People often report butterflies in the tummy and both partners usually experience an aphrodisiac effect between the sheets, to the point where sex is often described as the best thing ever.

The Benefits of Marital Affairs:

It's widely reported that the people who seek marital affairs are looking to sustain their long-term relationship by supplementing it by an exciting secret liaison. Although there's no scientific proof as to the beneficial effects of an illicit encounter, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that "a bit on the side" can be a good thing.

There is also some anecdotal evidence to suggest that engaging in a marital affair can have a physically and emotionally rejuvinating effect.